Sunday, 12 August 2012

Diarens back

Preparations are almost complete for our next Leopard capture program. My good friend Dairen Simpson (with film crew in tow) is due to arrive shortly. As many of you will know Dairen is one of the worlds leading big cat trappers and travels the world working for conservation projects.

We hope to catch and collar three leopards as part of INGWE – Leopard Research. The team here are all looking forward to seeing Dairen again. His time with us will form one show of a TV series entitled “The Trapper”. They shot the series pilot show with Dairen catching Jaguars in the Amazon forest, which proved to be very popular and rightly so.
We’re hoping to re- collar ‘Lucky ‘ who Dairen first caught in 2010, just 300 meters from our base Black Leopard Camp. Lucky’s collar batteries have died and it’s important that we have continuation in our monitoring program, such that we can gather data to assist in the conservation of free roaming leopards.
The Leopard is the last of the big five roaming free outside of formally protected areas (National Parks and Game Reserves) and as such are vulnerable to a whole host of man made issues.

Of-course our Safari guests and conservation volunteers will have plenty of opportunities to meet Dairen and as ever ‘be involved’ with our work in conservation during their stay with us.
These are exciting times for everyone.

Written by Will Fox 

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