Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"As big as a dinner plate"

Our safari base is the Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve, a portion of which is pictured above. All of our safari packages start form Thaba Tholo, which is also the home of INGWE - Leopard Research.
We have been running and supporting INGWE for over seven years. All of our guest have an opportunity to be involved with our work in conservation if they wish. Of-course all do. Camera trapping and plaster casting of leopard prints being not only great fun but key components of our work in conservation.
Right now my friend Dairen Simpson, has joined the INGWE team. Dairen is the worlds premier predator capture expert  and works solely for conservation projects worldwide. He is being shadowed by a TV film crew, so look out for the OTS team on a TV screen near you, in 2013.
We have identified nine individual leopards within the Thaba Tholo reserve and aim to catch and collar three to aid INGWE. The challenge that Dairen faces, within the vast expanse of the reserve, is to use his many years of field craft to encourage a leopard to walk exactly where he wants to guide it for harmless capture.
As Dairen says 'In all of this space out here, I want a leopard to put one foot in space as big as a dinner plate".
Not easy, but we're in good hands and our safari guests are having a great time being involved.

Written by Will Fox

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