Sunday, 1 July 2012

Long may it continue

We've had some great wildlife experiences and sightings at our Safari base Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve, but things are really hotting up right now (even if not in temperature).
Two of the cubs from Diamond (a resident female Leopard) are the stars of the show, and although often as hard to find as any leopard, they are very relaxed when sighted on our game drives. Pictured is the male cub, posing for the camera.
We also had some great news recently with the birth of a baby Giraffe. We initially noticed that the mother had left her small herd and gone up into a remote valley, only to proudly appear two weeks later with her new born.

But its not all about leopards. While taking a morning break from game drive by the main dam, we had another rare sighting when we were joined by a pair of Cape Clawless Otters. These often secretive creatures bobbed around for quite a while, seemingly unphazed by our presence. This was the first time that safari guests (I got it right this time Rose), were able to see Otters at Thaba Tholo, long may it continue.
Written by Will Fox

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  1. A wonderful Safari! Even if it was through the pictures and the blog!

    Thanks Will.