Friday, 27 July 2012

Living in the African Bush

Carol and I are very lucky to live in the African bush, but moreover to be able to share some of what we often taken for granted with our Safari guests.
We wake up most mornings with a herd of WildeBeast grazing on the lawn outside our bedroom window alongside a clan of wart hogs wandering around between their legs. It is probably a different morning view to that which many people have, but that's life in the African bush. One can forgive the frustrations of having intermittent cell phone reception and/or Internet supply, when surrounded by wildlife.
Okay, so in terms of business communications it would be much more efficient for us to have an office in a town or city, but that (for us) is too high a price to pay.
Frustrating services aside, we aim to reply to everyone who enquiries about a safari on the same day, where at all possible. If we miss that deadline, it's not for the want of trying, but more the vagrancies of living in the African bush.
One other benefit of living and working in the bush is the view from our office window. As I write I have a small herd of Nyala steadily finishing off the last of what we hoped would be a small herb garden. More fool us.

Written by Will Fox
OTS Manager

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