Friday, 6 July 2012

EXCITING NEWS, don't miss the chance

EXCITING NEWS..... especially for our Safari guest who have booked a Safari in late August or early September 2012.  Wildlife capture expert Dairen Simpson will be assisting Tara and the INGWE team to catch and collar three leopards within the the Thaba Tholo Reserve as part of INGWE's ongoing research.
This work will also be filmed as part of a TV documentary series that is being produced about Dairens work as wildlife trapper working with conservation projects around the world.
Dairen and the film crew will be staying at Black Leopard Camp, which is the base for all of our Safaris.
As ever our safari guests will have an opportunity to 'be involved' in our work in conservation and see at close hand how we collar and monitor big cats. It is important for the survival of the species, that INGWE gather more data on the behaviour of free roaming leopards to assist the provincial nature conservation authorities.
If you are considering a Safari in 2012, and want to be involved with leopard conservation, then this is the chance of a life time at no extra cost.
As you'll see from some of the pictures, Dairen is a good friend and has worked with Will in various locations (including Thaba Tholo) over the last five years. We're all very excited about this new development and looking forward to introducing our guests to one of the worlds leading conservation professionals.

Written by Carol Fox

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  1. Hope to see you all sometime next year.. Trying to figure out the types of packages you offer.. is there a website which will show me that?

    And thank you for your Safari News..