Monday, 21 May 2012

Night Drives

Night drives.
Afternoon game drives often end as the light is failing, when we switch to using a high powered lamp to spot game as we return to the game lodge for dinner.
The protocol involved in using a lamp is very strict i.e. one should not shine the light directly in the eyes of any animal, whether that be prey species who could be dazzled and unable to spot a predator approaching, or alternately a predator whose presence, could be detected.
The game drive 'tracker', normally perched on a seat mounted on the front of the vehicle, will be responsible for 'lamping'. He will use his experience to gauge the correct and ethical use of the lamp dependant on the circumstances at the time, to ensure there is no interference in the nightly events.
Although night driving is great fun, there are not so many visible clues as to where animals may be. During the day, trackers and guides use a variety of signs and sounds to help find animals, which makes night driving a little less reliant on skill and more reliant on luck, but is nonetheless great fun.

Written by Will Fox
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