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Safari Planning - Where to go for the best safari experience

Scene from Tangala, where you can relax in the midday heat and watch animals that come down to their waterhole, all from the comfort of the main lounge 

Where should I go for the best Safari experience?
This is a very difficult question to answer and one that could be a book in itself. There are literally hundreds of great locations throughout Africa, many of which are located in South Africa. 
In my view, if it is a South African wildlife safari that your looking for, then my advice is to find a tour that includes at least some time in the Low Veld i.e. the area around the Kruger National Park, where you will also find the Sabi Sands Reserve, Thorny Bush Reserve and a number of other wildlife reserves. 
It is often advisable to look for tours or venues that include cultural and conservation elements as well as game viewing. In that way the overall experience is more fulfilling.
If you have a choice, it’s definitely worth going for some venues that have tents, simply because you’ll hear and see more. And if you think ‘tent’ means ‘sleeping bag on the ground don’t worry, safari tents are usually what one can only describe as luxurious.
South Africa also has plenty of small, private wildlife reserves where you can see a lot of animals in a short amount of time. These private game reserves normally have comfortable, even luxurious accommodation with lodges that also have swimming pools and provide an All Inclusive daily itinerary. 
We have chosen a variety of reserves and lodges that form part of our safari packages. Each unique in its own right but nevertheless in line with our ethos.
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Written by Will Fox

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