Saturday, 18 February 2012

We're hooked

Our aim at On Track Safaris is not just to tick animals off a list and move on, but rather to stay with the species we find and enjoy time in their presence. This gives our guides, time not only to answer guests questions, but to be able to share our knowledge about the behaviour and the conservation status of the species.

Its true to say that our guides also enjoy each sighting and even after many years working with African wildlife still get a thrill from enjoying the privilege of being able to spend time with some magnificent creatures both large and  small.

Imagine being there, in the African bush with On Track Safaris. We don't just offer a vacation, we want you to enjoy an experience that provides memories that will last a lifetime. But one warning, enjoying time in the Africa is addictive. We should know, we're all hooked.

Written by Carol Fox
On Track Safaris

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