Thursday, 10 November 2011

School awards - thanks to all our safari guests who have helped make a wonderful day.

I have just enjoyed a great time at the achievers awards day at Bosfontein Primary School. On Track Safaris  helps to support this rural farm school throughout the year but the achievers day is something very special. It's a wonderful occasion with much laughter and one we always look forward to.
I have to say that (rather cheekily) we don't always follow schools recommendations to provide reference books and dictionaries as prizes. Instead we bring along mobile phones, bicycles etc which are always popular and add to the fun as well as bringing a smile to the teachers faces.
I'm pictured above with Cindy who has done very well in all academic subjects this year. She is lucky to have both parents at home who are helping her to progress to higher education, which is great news.
For the first time this year we have included prizes for the outstanding sports achievement. You may remember that with help from UK professional soccer team Middlesbrough FC and Virgin Atlantic, we managed to arrange sponsorship of soccer kit for forty players. This kit is not only used for soccer but every other sporting activity. In a poor school 'needs must' and sports kit has multiple purposes. The curious effect has been that since receiving the kit the school has started to do well in a whole host of sporting events. Proof that a little self belief and encouragement can go a long way.
Pictured below is Jacob who has done very well in long distance running, reaching the provinital finals which is the first time anyone from Bosfotein has competed at that level alongside the more afluent schools.

On behalf of OTS, we want to send a big well done to all the children. We'll continue to support this and other local schools and with the help and generosity of our safari guests we hope to be able to provide more support in 2012.

Written by Carol Fox
OTS Manager

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  1. We are with you in Dec/Jan and as a teacher myself I am very interested in helping in any way. My school have already agreed to fund raise before we come so I will be contacting you to ask what we should bring for the schools.