Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Luxurious Shiduli now part of the Karongwe Portfolio

I took some time out of the office last week to go to visit Shiduli Private Game Lodge in the Karongwe Reserve, which forms part of our standard safari itinerary. I have great memories of Karongwe as it was there that Will and I released Shiloweni (who became quite a famous leopard) a couple of year ago. You can see a video clip of Will and our now tour manager Anton with Shiloweni in 2009 on you tube.
Anyway back to the present day. Shiduli was as ever looking great, their rooms (see my bed room picture below) are luxurious and their friendly staff are always attentive, making us feel at home from the moment we checked in. It is just one of the reasons that we have included Shiduli in our safari itinerary. The other being the magnificent Karongwe reserve, where my guests were fortunate to see the big five in their first game drive, followed by a bush walk with Cheetah...wonderful.
Shiduli now forms part of the Karongwe portfolio, that includes several other lodges on the resevrve. So while I was in the reserve I visited Kaname River Lodge where I was escorted by the rather dashing guide Bronson, who showed me this wonderfully luxurious yet intimate exclusive lodge. I then went on to visit Chisomo Safari Camp, where I had arranged to meet camp manger Ross, who showed me around the river lodge cabins. Again as you would expect each cabin can only be described as luxurious, yet light and airy unlike some of the cabins I have seen on other less well presented reserves.
All in all, Karongwe was a great hit with my guests and well...me.
We'll definitely be continuing to include all the lodges of Karongwe in our safari packages. If you would like to visit Karongwe and join us on a conservation safari then drop me an email carol@ontracksafaris.com

Written by Carol Fox
On Track Safaris manger

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Graham Cooke returns to Djuma for On Track Safaris guests

Great news for those who remember Graham Cooke from his days at Djuma following the Gowrie Gang.
Graham will be back in Djuma in September guiding for our Safari guests, who will also have chance to meet up with Tara, Marc and Seb.
I know that Tara and Marc have been keeping an eye on the Gowrie gang and in his absesnse so they'll be able to update him on the Baboons progress.
If you would like to join one of our Conservation Safaris and visit Vuyatlea to meet the crew and who knows the Gowrie Gang as well, then get in touch with my wife Carol (carol@ontracksafaris.com) or visit our website www.ontracksafarisuk.com

Written by Will Fox

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Lion at Djuma, just another day

Its easy to become complacent when living and working in the African Bush. I was reminded of that as I sat in my office talking with a safari guest in the UK who will be joining the Ingwe team and also visiting Djuma as part of her safari. It's always interesting to talk to folks around the world, and as we chatted about the weather and the current riots in the UK, I glanced out of my office window idly watching vultures gliding about 200 meters away. I casually mentioned this and was asked what the vultures were doing. 'Oh there'll be a leopard kill somewhere nearby'. There was silence on the other end of the line, followed by 'my word, I just wish I could live with wildlife as you do'.
I not only work in the bush but also live in the bush. I have to admit that having worked at Djuma Game Reserve over the last years, has also made me complacent about events that while every day, are amazing. On my last night with Safari Television the whole team sat around the fire enjoying a final beer together when we heard Lion roaring close by. We all jumped in a game drive vehicle, grabbed a torch and found four male lion which we followed for a while before heading back to the fire. I sometimes need to pinch myself.

If you would like to join us on safari and visit Djuma to meet the Djuma safari team then get in touch with my wife Carol carol@ontracksafaris.com

Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Conservation Safari and visit Djuma to meet the Safari team

On Track Safaris has a new special safari available for Safari Channel friends. Enjoy a conservation safari including a stay at Vuyatela, Djuma Game Reserve.  Our safaris mix big five game viewing with opportunities to be involved with wildlife conservation. Everyone hopes to see the infamous big five when on Safari and of-course soak up the atmosphere, sights and sounds of Africa. We aim to provide all those things (mother nature permitting),  but more than that, we want you to gain an insight into the real African bush. And even more, we provide opportunities for you to be involved with our work in conservation and particularly with Leopards as part of the Ingwe Leopard Research Team. All profits from On Track Safaris go to PAW Conservation Trust to fund the work of the Ingwe Leopard Team.
Carol and Will Fox will be known to all the friends of Safari Channel as pervious directors of Safari Television and we hope also for their work with Leopard research. This is your chance to join the Ingwe Team in Africa as well as meet the Djuam safari team at Vuyatela. Click on our logo to visit our website and get a feel for what we do, but remember this is a special safari and we can mix and match to tailor your safari to meet your requirements and to suit your pocket. Contact Carol 
Oh and if you would like to read some reviews of our safaris from past clients (now friends) read more